Great Books & Websites For An Aspiring Marketer

Finding the best books to indulge your inner marketing can be tough to sort through the thousands of recommendations online, especially if your just getting into the field.  From one marketer to another here’s my list!  This article should help you get used to major marketing contributors and key logos.

[ 1 ] Social Media Marketing: An Hour A Day (Second Edition)


Jumping in to Social Media Marketing is task of where do I start?  This book helps you understand why Social Media Marketing important and also helps you organize your day by one hour every day to learn about Social Media Marketing.  Each hour tasks helps your grow your Social Media Marketing skills and introduces to key online websites and tools you should be keeping your eye on.

[ 2 ] Hootsuite Podium


Funny name, but its a name you’ve got to get used to.  Hootsuite offers aspiring marketers free courses and templates for social media marketing. You can actually get certificate (optional) or learn for free!


You will also learn that you can use Hootsuite to manage your content posts by being able to schedule your posts, view analytic data and also monitor multiple social media streams (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) all in one place.


[ 3 ] Advertising Age


Covers a variety of marketing and media news articles.  Aspiring professionals come here to learn latest trends in the advertising world. Professional written articles and studies are included in this website. Also going in depth about new advertisements trends across the web..


[ 4 ] HubSpot Case Studies


This site is great to learn how a professional company like HubSpot implements marketing techniques for major companies. HubSpot provides case studies on most of the organizations and business they work with.  For a student trying to learn about the advertising industry, case studies are important to read to understand the current marketing industry.


[ 5 ] Direct Marketing News



This site is directed to Senior Marketers, but it’s never too early to start learning about more advanced concepts. Great podcasts are included on the website of Direct Marketing News and business marketing articles feature current benchmark trends.


[ 6 ] Social Media Today




This website is focused around social and digital marketing trends and best practices.  Key features of this site are there webinars that they every so often, but in case you miss it, you view all webinars from the past.  If your really trying to get into social media marketing space, SocialMediaToday as a specific section with only articles about social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

[ 7 ] Mashable


This news site has a specific section just for social media marketing news.  They are trendy and keep up you to date with all the latest news from all social platforms.  Mashable deliver’s global marketing articles that equally entertain as well inform young marketers the trends of the industry.